About John and Catherine

John Conyard

John is a professional reconstructor with 22 years experience, and a Research Associate at the University of Kent at the research centre of Late Antique Archaeology. He was educated at Truro School Cornwall, and the University of Wales Aberystwyth. He set up “Historical Interpretations” in 1992, using archaeology as a medium to teach history in primary schools. The company now teaches 10,000 pupils per year in Yorkshire and Humberside using reconstructed artefacts.

John enjoys reconstructing artefacts from all periods of history, but especially the late Roman period. He is the founder member and chair of Comitatus. The society is the leading European group reconstructing the late Roman period. He organises around ten late Roman events throughout the spring and summer for a range of clients, including displays of Roman horsemanship and artillery. Approximately 20,000 visitors attend these Festivals each year.

He is particularly interested in late Roman military clothing and equipment. He specialises in Roman saddles and tack, their construction and use. You will often find him on horseback teaching horse archery.

Catherine Conyard

Catherine was educated at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School and went on to study at Wolverhampton University, obtaining a B.Ed (2:1) Honours degree in 1993.

She has a wide experience of teaching in Key Stage 1 and 2, working full time in the classroom for over eight years, until the arrival of her first son. She had a successful teaching career, achieving outstanding grades from OfSted inspections.

She now has two young sons and enjoys balancing home life with her joy of teaching. Being able to bring history to life for primary children across Yorkshire and Humberside is a passion.

Catherine also enjoys reconstructing life in the Late Roman period with her family as part of the group Comitatus, in a range of roles including Commentator and riding as a Roman Cavalryman - demonstrating and entertaining the public at fantastic historic sites throughout the summer.