School Days | World War I

What will happen in the day?

A new topic for 2014, commemorating the centenary of the Great War. With the new curriculum schools can now study an aspect or theme in British history which extends chronological knowledge beyond 1066. We have a massive collection of artefacts illuminating aspects of the war, and the anniversary of World War I will give schools a chance to link to what will be the largest national commemoration for some time.

The topic also links to local history study, considering the role of local regiments and their place in the local community.

Topics covered include:
o Why the war started.
o Reconstructed and real artefacts from the period.
o Trench Games.
o News headlines –newspapers to study.
o Posters and their interpretation.
o Uniforms of the period, cavalry and infantry. The Western Front and other areas of conflict.
o The local regiments of Yorkshire and Humberside.

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